Medication Recommendation and Management

Our medical doctors are experts in mental health diagnoses, pharmaceutical options for ADHD and the related comorbidities. Read more about the Springboard approach to medication.

Pharmaceutical intervention is always a voluntary part of your treatment program. Springboard physicians do not see, or seek, medication-only patients. All patients receive behavioural support with our psychologists and/or coaches, in addition to medical support. 

Our physician team consists of specialists in ADHD so we require a referral from your family physician for you to access our medical services. We work to assess, approach and optimize treatment plans for our patients and then we collaborate with your family doctor so they can take over ongoing pharmaceutical treatment. Most of our clients will access our medical care for 3-5 appointments before returning to their community physician. We remain a resource for you and for your doctor and have an "open door" policy should your treatment plan require further specialization.


The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) will cover the cost of appointments with a Springboard physician, provided that the patient has valid coverage on the date of their appointment. If a patient does not have OHIP, they will be billed for the time spent meeting with a Springboard physician. The rate for these sessions will reflect the amount that would have been billed to OHIP for the physician’s time.