A Springboard "fill in the blank activity": Moving forward post pandemic with ADHD

Moving forward post pandemicAs summer weather kicks in, and we start to regain our social lives (slowly but surely), we all have a lot to unpack about the past year and a half. It has been a time of challenge, self-introspection and real hardship for so many.

If ADHD is part of your journey, there are likely additional layers impacting your head space as you contemplate next steps for yourself.






Here is a quick "fill in the blank" activity to get you going:

1. Before the pandemic, my favourite thing to do was _____________________________________

2. I have learned, through this past year, that _____________________________________________

3. For me, ADHD symptoms can get in the way when _____________________________________

4. For me to stay mindful, I need to _____________________________________________________

5. I want more time____________________________________________________________________

6. I need less time ____________________________________________________________________

7. I feel most able to stay on track when ________________________________________________

8. The structure that helps me stay engaged is___________________________________________

9. My covid/ADHD lesson is____________________________________________________________

10. Today would feel good for me if_____________________________________________________


Like these questions and would like to explore further? Consider booking a few summer appointments with your Springboard Coach to talk through how you want to move forward in this next chapter. We understand how hard transitions can be with ADHD and we are here to walk alongside you!


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