Back to School Systems: ADHD style

pexels photo 934062It can be tempting as you start a new school year to think that the answer to ADHD organizational challenges is an expensive “back to school” shop. You may feel like by buying stuff, you will be able to compensate for your challenges with prioritizing, managing tasks, and staying on track.

Before heading to the store, or coming up with an elaborate new plan for how to stay on track this year, check out our top tips for organization this September. 

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Lessons learned as a remote-working entrepreneur

Working from home ADHDManaging a business is difficult. Being a parent is difficult. Throw some attention issues and a cross country move into the mix and suddenly you have a glimpse into the life of one of our founders, Laura. More and more, remote working is becoming a norm for Canadians. While seen as a perk by many, it can also pose challenges for those involved - managing competing priorities being at the top of that list.

Today we're sharing Laura's post about how she has managed to navigate her own family's needs while also running Springboard Clinic from a distance. Here are her top six tips for finding balance while working from home:

ADHD adults might make better entrepreneurs

We recently found a great article on the Entrepreneur website: Those with ADHD Might make better entrepreneurs. Here's why.

At Springboard Clinic we see many successful adults who have ADHD and are entrepreneurs. Many individuals with ADHD tend to gravitate toward the flexibility of entrepreneurship. But, as the article says, entrepreneurs with ADHD may actually be more successful because of the way their brain works, not in spite of it! Check it out!