Online Parenting Course Spring 2021 session starts Mon Apr 19!

Finding Parenting (with ADHD In your home) a lot these days?

You are not alone. We know that parenting is challenging at the best of times, and when ADHD is in the picture, and during a year where the pandemic has created constant turmoil, it can feel like a staggering load.

If you feel like you need a reset, consider setting some time aside to take stock of where you are at and what you are bringing to your everyday interactions.

By doing this type of pre-work, you can be more strategic in your approach and more likely to show up the way you want to with your family.

Here are a few guiding questions to consider answering on your own or with a co-parent:

ParentingCourseOnlineSpring2021 REV• How do I see my role as a parent?

• What is my stress level on a day-to-day basis?

• When do I show up in a way I like? (Times of day/situations)

• How does the way I was parented influence my parenting style?

• What qualities are most important to instill in my children? In our home?

• How do my values match up with how I am parenting?

• How close are my partner and I in our philosophical view?


If this exercise seems like a good idea, but you're thinking "it's hard to find the time", we get it. That's why we're running a spring session of our online parenting course. This 10 week online course, facilitated by Laura MacNiven, offers a guided process inviting you to step away from past behaviour patterns, in order to lean into a more conscious mindset as you approach daily parenting highs and lows. This course includes weekly webinars, personalized activities and self-serve video content.

The live version of our online parenting course kicks off Monday April 19th at 8 pm EST. Want to learn more? Check out our Events page

Here is a video message from Coach Laura to tell you more about what to expect from the course. 

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