What constitutes a formal assessment?

Here at Springboard we accept many different types of assessment reports. Our goal when reviewing a report is to gain a comprehensive view of a client’s clinical profile to allow us to plan and provide appropriate treatment. We want to ensure Springboard is the right fit for you and your family.

When a Springboard psychologist reviews a report they look for the following criteria:

  • When was the assessment completed?
  • How old was the client at the time of the assessment?
  • Did the assessment include collateral information and file review?
  • What tests and questionnaires were administered?
  • Does the report review any co-morbid conditions (e.g. history of trauma, mood and anxiety symptomatology)?
  • What was the diagnostic impression at the time of the evaluation? Was ADHD diagnosed? Was a re-assessment recommended (and if so, within what time-frame)?
  • Does the report provide a clear understanding of the functional impairment secondary to ADHD symptomatology and the client’s socio-emotional profile?